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Hot Water Bath Therapy For Houseplants To Remove Soil Pests

There are many chemical and less toxic substances to get rid of pests on houseplants, but I’m wondering sometimes why using them when there are less harmful ways to get rid of pests. I know that using a strong substance will remove any pests right away, but it will also harm the plant.

I remember when I was a kiddo, that my grandma was “bathing” each potted plant to remove any harmful insect or mildew. So, I decided to ask her a few questions about this operation in getting rid of pests on houseplants.

She said that water is the best remedy for plants…fair enough! It’s not harmful and hydrates the plants, and as a bonus, if you use hot water correctly you will remove any sign of pests on potted plants.  

Water is the best remedy for plant treatment. It is not harmful and moisturizes them. In addition, if used properly, hot water escapes pests.

What you need to do?

  • warm the water up to 82.4 degrees Fahrenheit, and use a special thermometer for that.
  • now, water each houseplant with this heated water.

This way you’ll remove a wide variety of pests from the soil, but also pathogens from seeds.

Unlike various pesticides or home remedies, hot water baths for plants are safe for the plant and for the environment. And it’s really effective because my grandma uses this watery pest remover since decades!

Image Credits: Hunker

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