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Important Tips To Prevent Root Rot In Houseplants

Sometimes, if a plant is overwatered, its roots can rot. Under these circumstances the plant withers and dies. It’s very important to know how to care for houseplants and not to exaggerate with watering or direct sunlight exposure.

Plant roots can rot for two reasons:

  • prolonged exposure to excess water
  • the presence of fungi in the soil

Remove the plant from the pot and check its roots. If you find roots destroyed by rot, it’s advisable to remove them easily with a sterilized scissors. Another advice is to remove all affected roots. Be careful to the way you scrape the scissors, to prevent any plant infection.

Remove wilted or yellowish leaves. Larger plants require the removal of more leaves, even if they are healthy. This helps restore and revive the plant. Throw away the old soil and disinfect the pot with a solution of bleach and water mixed in equal proportions. Let the solution act in the pot for 30 minutes before rinsing.

Then soften the plant’s roots in a fungicidal solution that is as far as possible made from non-toxic chemicals. Be careful that the pot where you re-pot the plant is well drained. Then re-pot the plant in new, slightly damp ground. Then water the plant, but don’t overwater it. The plant should be watered only when the surface soil is slightly dry. The plant will begin to grow and recover within two weeks.

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