Complete Guide To Grow Cherry Tomatoes In Pots

In another article I told you how to plant onion indoors, and now I will give you the exact indications to plant cherry tomatoes in pots to enjoy their flavored aroma throughout the year. Tomatoes are not very demanding and can grow in any condition if they have plenty of sunshine!

It’s easy to grow tomatoes in the pots, because these plants are very easy to adapt to all sort of living conditions. But they need a lot of sunshine, almost all day.

If you have a balcony or a sunny terrace, you can grow many vegetables in pots. And tomatoes are among the most productive vegetable. It’s even recommended for cherry varieties with small red or yellow fruits, very fragrant and sweet.

April is the right month to plant tomatoes in pots

Look for tomato seedlings or use seeds from multiple varieties to prepare your own seedlings.

If you use seeds, at first put 2-3 seeds in small seedlings, and then put them in pots when they already have 3 or 4 rows of leaves.

Prepare deep pots, about 30 – 40 cm deep, and very wide, put the first layer of fine gravel mixed with celery ground, and then add fertile soil rich in humus. Add a handful of white pearl balls that keep moisture at the root of the plants.

Find a sunny place for pots and plant the tomatoes.

How to water and care for tomatoes in pots

Tomatoes love the sun and the water. You must wipe them every time the soil dries on the surface of the pot, but with a moderate amount of water.

If you want to grow faster, stick a few long and thin wooden sticks into the pots and put over them a transparent plastic sun-resistant foil. In this way, tomatoes will grow like in the greenhouse where they will be protected from insects and acidic rain.

As they start to grow, they need a wooden stick to support them. Tomatoes tend to grow very high, especially if you grow the cherry variety, and can exceed one meter.

If they have sun and light all day long, they will grow vigorously and will make many flower twigs.

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Complete guide to grow cherry tomatoes in pots

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