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Gardening Hacks To Get Rid Of That White And Moldy Potted Soil

If the pot soil is covered with a fine layer of mold, you should act immediately! The mildew will attack your favorite houseplants and they will wilt and dye in a few weeks. Mold often appears at the soil surface if you keep your plants in a cold and moist place or if you water them too often.  During winter, potted plants that are kept in less ventilated rooms are more prone to be attacked by mold and fungi, and you can recognize it because it has white, yellow or green color.

From the soil, mold will spread rapidly to the roots and stems of the plant, which will begin to rot in a few days.

But there are some advice you need do to if you want to prevent mold appearance for potted plants.

  • Put the soil in the pots as deep as possible using a fork or a plastic knife to avoid cutting the roots accidentally. Move the pot in a well-lit and airy room, possibly closer to a heat source, so that the soil can dry faster.
  • Mold can’t stand heat and dryness. Avoid watering the plants several days and let the ¼ of soil to dry completely.

After the soil has dried well, prepare the next solution:

  • 500 ml of water
  • 50 ml of vinegar
  • spray bottle

Mix the above ingredients and pour them in a spray bottle. Now, sprinkle this solution over the soil in pots. You can use a more concentrated solution of vinegar for plants that can stand acidity such as camelia, gardenia, anthurium, African violets, gloxinia, goblet, bromelli or orchids.

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