How To Grow And Care For Hoya (Wax Flower) In Pots

Hoya, also known as the Wax Flower, is a very popular apartment plant. This plant, which is actually a liana, has beautiful, fragrant flowers, arranged in bouquets, which contrasts strongly with leaves of dark green. Being easy to care for, the flower is ideal for people who don’t have enough time to take care of it. Here’s what you need to know about its care.


Hoya needs a lot of sunshine, so it’s advisable that the flower is positioned at the window, all year round. But make sure that it’s not exposed to very cold temperatures. Hoya can’t withstand temperatures lower than 59 degrees.


Wax flower should be water rarely but well. It needs abundant watering once every two weeks. The plant’s soil needs to dry completely between two watering. The flower can’t stand forever wet soils.

The water with which Hoya wet should be at room temperature, not cold. It’s best to keep water in bottle for 24 hours before watering the plant.

After the blooming period, the plant can be watered once a month, and in winter, the watering should be avoided, especially if the air in the house is not dry.


Wax Flower needs fertilization once a year in summer. Use a universal fertilizer that you can find in profile stores.

Careful! Don’t fertilize the plant during the winter, because it will not bloom the next year.


Although in the case of other flowers it’s advisable to remove the old leaves or new shoots, in order for the plant to grow more beautiful, in the case of Wax Flower you don’t have to do this, because the plant will not bloom anymore. Both the flowers and the dried leaves should be left to fall on their own.


If the wax flower can’t fit its pot anymore you can re-pot it in spring, more precisely at the beginning of spring.

Hoya needs a well-grounded soil. Avoid the hard garden soil, because the plant doesn’t develop properly, and the soil retains the moisture, leading to root rot.

Ensure that the new pot has enough drainage holes for surplus water to drain quickly.

Image Credits: Plantcaretoday

How to grow and care for hoya wax flower indoors

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