How To Grow Lemongrass In Pots To Enjoy Its Flavored Aroma

Lemongrass, on its exotic name, is one of the most fragrant and delicate aromatic plants. It’s easily grown in pots and can last even during winter, if you can keep it away from cold.

Lemongrass leaves are thin and long, have a specific aroma of slightly peppered lemon and can be harvested throughout the year. Due to this feature, the plant can be grown in pots so you can use its fresh leaves whenever you need for soups or baked meals.

Lemongrass needs plenty of light

Even if it looks like grass, because of its long leaves, lemongrass is decorative and has a pleasant fragrance. It’s an exotic plant, but it is resistant to drought and can easily be grown in the garden and in pots.

You have to provide it enough light, where it will enjoy the sunlight in the morning to grow as thick as it can. It needs soil well-lined and rich in compost and water in moderation, not to mold the roots.

You can cultivate the plant from the seeds, but also from cuttings

It’s very easy to cultivate lemongrass from seeds. They are also found in flower shops, and they need soil well-moist and rich in nutrients to germinate. The seeds will sprout in about 20 days and need a heated space to grow vigorously.

But the lemongrass can also be grown from its debris. Just like garlic or onion, if you keep the white side at the base of the stem, after using the leaves, you can put it in a jar of water to give roots.

As soon as the rosette grows, transplant the lemongrass into a large pot and place it in a sunny and warm place. The soil in the pot must never be let to dry, and in the spring it’s good to add fertilizers for the nitrogen-rich foil to grow richer leaves.

A few useful secrets

  • The simplest method of propagation is rooting in water, but the white base of the stem should be healthy and fresh.
  • Once they reach 40 or 50 cm in height, the plant leaves can be cut and use for teas, tinctures, or culinary preparations.
  • Cut the leaves just as much as you need to cook and let the plant grow further.

Image Credits: Lovelygreens

how to grow lemongrass in pots to enjoy its flavored aroma

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