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Brilliant Gardening Method To Grow Onions In Plastic Bottles

I will present you an interesting way to grow onion indoors in plastic bottles. In such a compact container you can grow more than 100 pieces of onion at the same time.

This method is usually used by gardening lovers living in apartments, and by those who want to eat organic vegetables.

To begin, you need:

  • 1.3 gallon plastic bottle
  • scissors or knife
  • pliers

Cut the lid of the plastic bottle with a scissors or a knife. Using the pliers, make some holes in the plastic bottle. The holes must not be too large for the earth to penetrate.

Leave 2 inches at the bottom of the bottle without holes for water to accumulate there. Then continue to make holes, leaving space between them.

Overall, you have to obtain around 104 random holes.

Remember! If you plant small onions, then the gap between the holes should be normal, but if you plant bigger onions, the gap between the holes should be larger.

It involves a bit of work, but it’s worth it!

Now, you need:

  • the onions
  • soil

Tip! For the onion we plant to grow faster, we have to cut off all the dry sprouts.

Start adding soil in the plastic bottles until you reach the first row of holes, then soak it well for the soil to be well fixed, and now start putting the onions with the sprouts towards the holes.

Add the second layer of soil, water it well and put another layer of onion.

All roots will grow in the middle and not only.

Soon you will have fresh onions, grown in the narrowest possible area!

It’s a handy method to always have a fresh harvest for your family.

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