How To Grow Basil In Pots To Enjoy Its Flavor The Whole Year

If you love pasta with tomato sauce and fresh basil leaves, then you are in my team! The amazing flavor of basil isn’t used only for pasta, and I truly enjoy adding it to different dishes. But, as a cook, I like to use fresh basil leaves, and my husband surprised me the other days and plant basil in two pots so I can use it every time I need. Now, I’m waiting for it to grow.

If you want to grow basil in pots, here’s what you need to do!

First of all you will have to choose the right soil. You can opt for universal earth. If you decide to plant it outside, you will need medium sized clay pots. It’s not recommended to use too small pots because this plant can exceed the height of 23 inch.  


Sow the basil seeds in the chosen pot by scattering. Cover the seeds with earth, a thin layer of 0.3 – 0.5 cm. If you put more soil, the seeds will grow harder. After that, you will have to water the soil abundantly and put the pots in a well-lit place, desirable near on the windowsill.  

Basil is a plant that doesn’t need too much care and will adapt easily, as long as it has enough light.

Important! The soil must always be wet and the plant must stay in a well-lit place.

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