Milk Potion To Get Rid Of Early Blight On Houseplants

Early blight is a common disease found in tomatoes and potatoes, caused especially by the parasite fungus called Phytophthora infestans, but also by other microscopic fungi. These parasites affect both crops and houseplants.

I found tomato blight on my houseplants after I moved them on the balcony. I was devastated to see my plants sick. I heard that wind carries these parasites and they “establish” their home on any plant.


Before using any treatment against early blight, you must learn how to recognize the disease without confusing it powdery mildew, rust or other plant-specific diseases. Early blight is very easy to detect, because, at the beginning, some small and yellow spots appear on leaves which become whitish afterwards. Early blight attacks the leaves but it expands quickly to the stem and flowers.

Milk-based fungicide to get rid of early blight

You need:

  • pasteurized milk
  • water

Prepare a solution by mixing equal amounts of milk and water.  Houseplants will be sprayed using a spray bottle, and for plants in the garden you can use a special pump.

To keep the disease under control, it’s necessary to apply the solution three times a week.

This treatment can be used for both flowers and vegetables or fruit trees.

Milk Potion To Get Rid Of Early Blight On Houseplants

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