Air Plants Tips: How To Rescue Dying Tillandsia

Hello there, my beloved indoor gardeners! I saw that many persons, lately, face with dying houseplants and this is tearing me into pieces. I know the struggle in doing absolutely everything that’s necessary for your plants to grow harmoniously and suddenly to see how your favorite plant fades away.

Why? Well, the reasons are uncountable, but you may want to take action immediately if you want to save your plant, because I have some tricks for you that will bring back any air plant to life.

So, you can take a fast look over this article and get back to work.
The sickness signs: the plant has a dull aspect, a bit brownish? This means it is thirsty!

1. Soak the plant overnight


In a previews article I told you how to water air plants, and using the same principle, leave the dying plant to soak overnight. Remove it in the morning, shake it a bit, and put it back into its place.

2. Remove dead leaves


Gently check each leaf and see if it removes easily. If this happens, this means that the leaves are dead and you have to remove them all. In case if all the plant leaves are falling, I’m sorry but this one has bitten the dust!

3. Brown leaf tips


If this happens, you may have to change the watering water: use rainwater or boiled and cooled tap water.
If the problem won’t disappear, it means that the plant is not receiving enough water and you need to give it an overnight bath.

4. Green air plant D.E.A.D.?


This means that the plant has been standing in water for too long or you haven’t shake it well before bath.

P.S. You must consider that without soil, air plants will absorb their moisture through leaves, and some specialists recommend sprinkling them with water periodically or give them a long baths to respect their watering rules.
Rainwater is the best water you can use for your plants because it will mimic the long tropical rains.

Air Plants Tips How To Rescue Dying Tillandsia

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