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Succulent Passion: How To Repot Mother-In-Law’s Tongue

My passion for plants taught me a lot of things, and the most important is that plants need special care even if they are included in the die hard houseplants categories. Beside this I can proudly say that I have an impressive indoor and outdoor green corner.

One of my favorite houseplants is Mother-In-Law’s Tongue plant or Snake Plant due to their spiky foliage, and the best thing about this plant is that you can ignore it for weeks and you can still see the joy on its leaves. These plants can handle like real champs dry air and low-lit areas, and re-potting them is one of the most pleasant things you can do.

How to repot Mother-In-Law’s Tongue

You must consider the planting mix:
Mother-In-Law’s Tongue loves dry soil that’s why the mix you prepare must be drained freely, and for that you can use succulent and cactus mix. As a personal tip, I advise you to a handful of organic compost.

Important: Mother-In-Law’s Tongue plant must be repotted once every 3-6 years, depending on the size of the plant and pot.

For Mother-In-Law’s Tongue soil you need:

– 3/4 organic potting soil
– 1/4 organic succulent and cactus mix
– 1 handful of organic compost
– worm casting compost

Tools you need:

– a dull knife
– a new pot (preferably a clay pot)

Repotting steps to follow:

  • You have to remove the plant along with its roots from the pot, and for this operation you may need to use the knife. But be careful not to chop the plant’s roots.
  • Now, measure the roots with the knife to know how much mix you need to put at the bottom of the pot.
  • The next step is to shake the roots a bit to remove the old soil and put the plant into the new environment.
  • Continue to fill the pot with mix and add one handful of compost.
  • At the surface add a thin layer of worm compost.

That’s all!

Remember! After repotting Mother-In-Law’s Tongue move it to a shady place in the garden or on the balcony. Let it settle in for a couple of days, and then water them gradually without leaving pouring water. After following these steps, you can move the plant indoors in a low-lit area.

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