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Beloved Houseplants: Indoor Plants That Develop Harmoniously In Low-Lit Areas

Low-lit areas is a common problem in many homes and offices, and there’s nothing you can do about it.
Not everybody has a Penthouse with plenty of sun rays streaming through the window walls. Most Americans leave in studio apartments with 2-3 windows, and some of them in houses with 1 or 2 dark rooms.

How does this sound for a plant lover? Well, not so pleasant because you can’t develop your hobby anymore. Lately, I’ve read all kind of articles with houseplants that grow in the dark, and I was like BS! There’s no plant in this world that grows in the dark. They need sunlight for photosynthesis and to produce chlorophyll – the so called substance that keeps them green.

Keep in mind that low-light areas doesn’t mean no light at all. So, be careful on the information you receive and take a look over the next low-light lover plants that you can easily grow indoors.

1. Maidenhair Fern

How to care: if you keep the fern away from direct sunlight and the soil ALWAYS moist, otherwise the fern leaves will turn brown and crinkly, it will develop beautifully in low-lit corners.

2. Moth Orchid

How to care: provide a potted mix of pine bark or peat moss, water it once every 7-10 days, and keep it away from direct sunlight. These are the main growing factors for Phalaenopsis Orchids. Whenever you do the watering, just immerse the pot in a bowl of water or, simply, give your orchid a warm shower. Remove any water drop on leaves and flower buds.

3. Prayer Plant

How to care: being a tropical plant it’s well-known that is a moisture-lover plant. Keep its soil well-drained and avoid direct sunlight. It will develop greatly on a facing-north windowsill.

4. Asparagus Fern

How to care: offer to this lovely plant warm days and cool nights, and it will grow harmoniously in a low-lit area by keeping it away from direct sunlight. Remember: if the indoor air is dry, you have to place a humidifier near the plant.

5. Waffle Plant

How to care: the most important care tip for this plant to grow and develop harmoniously is to keep it away from direct sunlight. Another thing you should consider is keeping the soil well-drained, and before watering it the soil surface must be well-dry.

6. Angel Vine

How to care: this plant must be fertilized monthly and remember to let the soil dry out before any watering.

7. Mother in Law’s Tongue

How to care: this is one of the die-hard plants and is part of the succulent families. So, don’t water it often because you may drown it.

8. English Ivy

How to care: for a good drainage, just apply a superficial layer of pebbles at the bottom of the pot and avoid exposing it to direct sunlight. Another important factor is to let the soil dry between waterings.

9. Lemon Fern

How to care: keep the soil moist and provide this fern species a perfect shady area to grow and develop. And if you fertilize it once a week in spring and summer it will offer you the perfect green corner.

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