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Expert Secrets To Grow Successfully Air Purifying Plants Indoors

Having a house full of plants it’s the perfect décor you can use and the best way to relax and enjoy the bliss of nature indoors.

As many daredevil women I love practicing extreme sports, but when I’m taking things too extremely, I truly need a period of relaxation, so I found my harmony in giggling houseplants – the second hobby I enjoy doing. After years of struggling with plant care, because taking care of plants if like taking care of children – they need constant attention and care. I failed many times until I developed a nice and pleasant green corner in my living room which I’m pretty impressed of.

Given my vast experience in growing plants indoors, I can tell you that each plant variety has its own secrets, and without these secrets your plants may wilt and die.
So, have you ever consider in growing airplants indoors? Well, you should because they will filter the indoor air naturally, removing any pollutants that are found in the air we’re breathing. Beside the cleaning air quality, you may probably know that is easy-to-care for these plants, and is true! But I will tell you some secrets about airplants that you have to know.

1. The most important thing: air plants will never ever grow in soil

Most air plants are epiphytes, meaning that they grow on other plants (orchids are an example because they cling on tree trunks) rather than growing in the ground.
Most air plants grow on bushes, rocks and shrubs, so you have to provide them the proper growing potting mix.

2. Air plants and their not-absorbent-nutrients roots

For example, I have in my bedroom tillandsia which is hanging exactly like a trophy on the wall, and its roots are literally coming out of the pot. Another trick is to place this plant in a terrarium and place it on the shelves. It has the same effects, but you must be careful about its caring tips.

3. Turn on the light

Like any other plants, with a few exceptions, air plants need plenty of light, and not any artificial light: sunlight, but not direct sunlight, is the best source of light for your airy plants. So, caring for your plants with responsibility will offer you in turn the clean air.

4. Dip and dunk

Even if they are airy plants, just can’t live only with air. You have to water them periodically, because they get nutrition by absorbing water through their leaves. So, on the same principle of dunking a donut into coffee, you have to immerse the whole plant into a bowl of water. Shake it well, and put it back into its place.

5. Groom the plant

Well, if the leaves dried and turned brown, clip them of the plant. Also, you may want to know that overwatering will bring visible signs on the airy plant such as: curly and brown leaves.
A frequent groom may indicate overwatering.

6. Easy propagation

I want to call myself an expert in indoor gardening, so, plant propagation is one of the best ways to relax. Anyhow, propagating airy plants is done by harvesting their “pups”.
Depending on the air plant species it will reproduce by sending out from 2-8 pups. These small baby air plants will grow on the mother plant which can be safely separated from the mother plant when they are about half its size.

7. Most air plants will appreciate warm temperatures

Coming from the tropics, most air plants will appreciate warm indoor temperatures that range from 50 to 90 degrees F.

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