SOS Gardening: Natural Born Killers To Get Rid Of Poison Ivy In The Yard

A long time ago, poison ivy was very threatening among people. If you touch it will cause a severe itchy rash which will lead to ugly blisters, that’s why most people want to get rid of it immediately. And as a matter of fact, poison ivy is very hard to kill!

To kill poison ivy you have to dig its roots as well as its stems and leaves, but not before taking on proper equipment, otherwise you will end-up just like me with a prescription from the doctor.

Anyhow, there are several ways in getting rid of poison ivy without getting “infected”!

Natural Born Killers

In case you want to avoid chemicals, you can choose getting rid of poison ivy as it follows:

By hand: remember – put on long sleeves and pants and duct tape the shirt and pants cuffs to prevent skin exposure, and then put on a pair of heavy gloves. Start by digging up as much poison ivy as you can, until you get to the roots (you must dig almost 6 inches beneath the roots).
The thing is that you may miss a few roots to remove and you should watch if a new poison ivy growth will take place. This means that you have to repeat the process.

Boiling water: weeds in the garden are killed with boiling water, and the same impact has over this poisonous plant.

Important: when it comes to poison ivy you should keep in mind that underground roots will survive after pouring boiling water over them and a new growth will emerge. Watch it carefully, and when the plant starts growing again, pour more boiling water. This way, the rate of a new growth will slow.

Magic homemade potions: you need

– salt
– vinegar
– dish soap

Mix boiling water with one of the above ingredients and pour over the poisonous roots. Repeat as many times as needed until the plant will stop its growth.

Just A Crazy Tip: the elders say that poison ivy will easily disappear if you pour human pee to its roots every two days.


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