Best Organic Fertilizers For Blooming Geraniums

Hey there again! The other days I wrote an article about NPK ratio for geraniums, but, you should know that you can successfully grow blooming geraniums using organic fertilizers. Lately, more and more geranium breeders choose organic fertilizers for their plants. It’s absolutely normal! Every living being loves organic food, and plants make no exception.

Of course, there advantages and disadvantages, but if we look to the bright side of things then I have to mention about soil protection of chemical substances.

The problem with natural fertilizers is dosing. It’s difficult to control the exact amount of fertilizer that reaches the plant, and the risk in poisoning the plant is very high.


You can successfully use banana peels. It’s best to chop them finely for a faster decomposing.


Coffee grounds also helps Geraniums which needs an acid substrate with 6 – 6.2 pH. Attention to the quantity, because coffee grounds are acid and you don’t have to add too much because you may risk burning the plant roots. Before spreading it on the surface of pot soil, you have to be sure that the soil is completely dry.


Egg shells contain important amounts of calcium that Geraniums can use successfully for their growth. Calcium provides mechanical tissue resistance and cellular turgescent. Calcium helps the plant to protect itself from hydric stress. Before being mixed into the soil substrate, the shells must be finely crushed, practically turned into eggshell powder.


For those living at the city, it’s kind of difficult to procure manure, which is an important fertilizer for geraniums. Before using, manure must stay at least one year outdoors for its acidity to drop a bit. Otherwise, plant roots will burn.
But there are some manure producers and distributors on the market and I purchasing it won’t be a problem.


Food waste can also be composted and converted into precious fertilizers. To fasten the fertilization process you can blend food waste in the blender. Nutrients will be released quickly.

Best Organic Fertilizers For Blooming Geraniums

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