Important Rules To Care For Plants During The Hot Summer Days

Plants need special care during summer, especially in those hot summer days when the heat wave attacks the day. You should know that there are certain plant rules during the hot days of summer which you have to fully respect them; otherwise you might kill your plants.

If you can create a shady environment at midday for your plants, on the terrace or balcony, it would be wonderful! If you can’t do that, make sure they have enough water not to wilt down. Due to excessive heat the leaves will lose their turgescent, and then will twist, wither and die.

Usually, the water in the soil will favor the absorption of salts and ions mobilization.

Rules to care for plants during the hot summer days

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  • Water the plants twice a day, early in the morning and late in the evening.
  • Never water plants in the middle of the day because you will harm them.
  • If you water them after a day or two, you must know that the soil will be too dry and too warm. This means that the soil will absorb rapidly the water without letting it reach plant’s roots.
  • Don’t overwater the plants, because stagnant water from the plant roots will block oxygen leading to plant’s death.
  • Water temperature is very important, so water the plants with room temperature water. Otherwise they will risk a temperature shock, especially during a heat wave. They never cool with cold water.
  • Spraying leaves is a good cooling method. You can spray plants in the morning and evening using water at room temperature.
  • Pay attention to hairy leaves plants which can’t stand water on their leaves. Another important thing is that water can’t reach flowers also.


  • Don’t stop fertilizing during the heat wave, because minerals help the plant to resist stress. Fertilize only in the evenings or in the morning, and make sure the soil is wet.
  • Never put the fertilizer on dry ground because you will burn plant’s roots. The frequency and amount of fertilizer varies from one species to another, and you should always read the label and respect the dosage.
Important Rules To Care For Plants During The Hot Summer Days

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