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Massachusetts Spring Gardening: When You Should Uncover Roses?

Uncovering roses in spring is among the first things you should do in the garden. During winter, the cover protected your garden roses from freezing, but now it’s time to take the coat off. In some areas with very cold winters, the rose cover protects even grafts, not only roots. Winter can be disastrous for roses if they are not properly protected.

Rose caring tips

  • Once the temperatures begin to rise in thermometers, it means that roses will come out of their vegetative rest. This means the middle of March, but it really depends on the outdoor temperatures. In case if there is any risk for the temperature to drop below 41 degrees Fahrenheit, you better won’t uncover the roses.
  • Another important aspect is soil moisture. Never uncover roses when the soil is very wet. You may risk in paving the soil around the rose bush which is not very good for plants.

When you mustn’t do the uncovering?

  • Roses which were planted before winter won’t be uncovered the next spring, because their shrubs are very fragile and they risk wilting due to the windy weather.
  • In this case, the shrubs must be let to come out by themselves from the uncovering.
  • Once with the uncovering you have to apply fertilizer.
  • For roses, the most effective are the solid-slow release fertilizers.
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