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DIY Sticky Traps To Get Rid Of Black Fungus Gnats In Pots

Creating your perfect indoor green corner should be about purified air, a nice blooming décor to impress your guests, not scratching in the soil for black fungus gnats. These tiny insects don’t do harm but they are a nuisance, because they are buzzing around your flowers creating a less comfortable environment.
The other days I saw these flying insects overflying around my green corner, and I decided to take action and try a natural scent to put them on the run.

You need:

– 1 garlic clove

In case you have infected houseplants with black fungus gnats, you can easily bury a peeled garlic clove into the potted soil. The allicin found in garlic will eradicate pests immediately.
In case if the garlic clove begins to grow in the pot, you can easily trim it!

Beside the above natural garlic perfume, I also applied a sticky trap, just as the one for fruit flies.

You need:

– yellow card
– honey
– toothpick

Attach the card to the toothpick and cover it with a piece of duct tape. Now, cover one surface of the card with honey and stick it into the soil pot. In no time the card will be the host of an impressive colony of black fungus gnats.

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