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How To Grow Avocado Tree From Seed In Containers

You may have no idea how surprisingly easy is to grow your own avocado tree from seed.
As a vegan, avocado is among my main meals due to its beneficial properties, that’s why I decided to plant my own tree indoors which grew perfectly. Given my extraordinary success I decided to share it with you by creating a step-by-step guide to grow an avocado tree from seed.

Complete Guide To Grow Avocado In Pots

  • Well, first you must carefully prepare the pit after removing it from the fruit, by removing the fruit pulp with a small brush.
  • You may find avocado pits in various shapes: some of them may be perfectly round and others can be slightly elongated.
  • Look carefully at the pit because each and single one has a base. The elongated part, meaning the tip, will always stand upward and will remain out of the water or the ground. The sewn side, meaning the base, will stand in water or in the ground, because from the base of the plant the new roots will be formed.
  • The easiest method of propagation is the glass of water method. Take three toothpicks and stuff them tightly in the pit, all around, at equal distances. They have a supporting role and will allow the avocado pit base to stay in the water.
  • The next step is to place the glass of water along with the pit in bright light on the windowsill.
  • Change the water after a few days, taking care of the freshly new roots that have appeared. It’s important to change the water; otherwise the risk of mold and other bacteria development is pretty high and can badly affect the germination of the Avocado seed.
  • Respecting the same rules, you can put the avocado seed into the ground, by keeping the tip upward and maintain the soil always moist.
  • After a month the pit will crack from top to bottom. A small root will appear at the base which will grow more and more. Eventually, the shoot will also appear at the top side of the pit.
  • When the shoot it’s about 15 centimeters high, it’s time to put it in the ground. Leave the top of the pit out, and choose a humus rich substrate, well drained, with slightly acidic pH, and place the pot in a well-lit area, because the avocado tree loves the sun. The more sun it is, the better.
  • Water it frequently to maintain the soil always moist, but never leave the water pour in the pot.
    When the stem reaches 30 cm, you will need to pinch the top of the plant. This way the new plant will give new branches.
  • Be careful, because the avocado tree grows rapidly, and if you don’t cut the plant periodically, you will risk growing a stick in pot with a few leaves on top.

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