How To Dispose A Dead Mouse In Your Car

Mice lurk around in our attics, basements, house, walls, and often check the kitchen for a snack. However, mice seem to enjoy the warmth of our cars, too! If you park the car in an area frequented by mice, don’t ever wonder if one of these tiny rodents makes a nest in your car engine. After all, cars provide the perfect environment for mice to breed.

But, you should never underestimate the damage that a single mouse can do to you car’s engine!
Well, my car was attacked by a mouse and I was a lucky girl because the little rodent didn’t cause any damage. However, the prick died somewhere in the car engine, and the dead mouse smell got inside the car through the vents.

You can’t even imagine how horrified I was by the smell. That 10-minute drive to work seemed like forever.
My biggest wonder was: what the hell happened? Thankfully that a colleague of mine discovered the problem and came with a solution to dispose that dead mouse from my car! Thank you, Mike!

So, let me give you some tips in case you will “drive” in my shoes!


When it comes to removing dead mice from a vehicle, it’s important to follow sanitation guidelines due to the bacteria and diseases that rodents carry and leave in their wake.

First and foremost, you should never handle a mouse with your bare hands. With rubber gloves, complete the following steps of rodent removal:

  • Seal the carcass in two Ziploc bags and dispose in outdoor trash can
  • Wipe the area of mice activity clean with paper towels, and then dispose of towels
  • Mix 1.5 cups bleach with a gallon of water
  • Using a sponge, saturate infected areas of your vehicle with the mixture
  • Dispose of sponge and gloves

After you’re finished with the cleansing process, lather your hands, forearms and under your nails with antibacterial bar soap for five minutes and rinse with warm water.


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