Best Solutions To Keep Those Cheeky Pigeons Away From The Balcony

I live in an apartment building and I just enjoy sipping my coffee in the morning on the balcony where I’ve created a mini green corner. But the enchanting view and silence is often ruined by pigeons. These cheeky flying creatures are often disturbing my morning coffee and my green corner on the balcony. As a matter of fact, one of the pigeons decided to build a nest on my rubber plant tree and that was the moment when I said “enough is enough”! I have to keep these rude flying pigeons away from my balcony. Oh, I forgot to mention about the pigeon feces which is toxic and very acid, ruining every item where it lands.

I have to admit that I used foil pie plates but it didn’t worked and I can’t use netting or other permanent structures.

However, I found the perfect solution which it seems to work quite well. Is been a week and pigeons have moved to my neighbor’s balcony. I just hope these solutions will last longer.


  • Fake birds

Who is afraid of the vicious raven? Pigeons. Place a plastic version of the pigeon’s enemy on the balcony to scare the birds off. This also works with hawks, owls and buzzards. Always remember to reposition the pigeon scaring device from time to time. If you have an outdoor cat or a dog, even better. The birds like to keep a safe distance from pets and will therefore stay well away from your balcony

  • Hang CDs

A cool retro look, with a purpose. Thread the CDs onto a fishing line. When you hang the mobile on your balcony, if all goes to plan then the reflective surfaces moving in the wind will scare the pigeons and they will fly away

  • Glitter balls

You can also create light reflections to scare away the birds using shiny balls made from glass or plastic. Attached to a wooden stick, these useful defence systems can simply be stuck in a flower bed or plant pot

  • Windmills

These contraptions make uncontrolled movements and this scares away the pigeons.

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