How I Got Rid Of Groundhogs Under The Shed

These whistle pigs as I like to call them, also known as groundhogs or woodchucks can do a lot of harm to your lawn or garden. Since they are excellent diggers, groundhogs will weaken the soil which will lead to foundation, barn and farm equipment damaging. As a matter of fact, groundhogs are herbivores and love to feast with your plant roots, making your spring hard work disappear in only one afternoon. And that’s the moment when you want to get rid of groundhogs using less humane methods. In the end, they are still rodents.

Groundhogs hibernate from winter until spring when they mate and give birth in the mid spring. However, groundhogs, sometimes decide to hibernate under your shed where they dig deeply into the foundation to create they winter nest. In their search for their nest, groundhogs almost destroy mine.

After struggling the entire summer with a groundhog, trying to catch it with all costs, the fury prick decided to nest under my shed – and that’s how I managed to catch the rodent.

How I got rid of groundhogs under the shed


1. So I did some research. I bought a bottle of fox urine. Yes, that is right, fox urine. I sprayed it all around the deck and especially the area that I knew the whistle pig could get in at. I did this every few days to make sure the scent did not wear off. The ground hog left and we never saw it again. Fox are their natural enemy. It was not expensive and it did not harm anything. It has been a few weeks and we have not had any critters to come back. We also blocked the area where any critter could get under our deck, once we were sure she was gone.

2. I don’t want to leave the things undone, so I decided to use ammonia to make sure that no creepy rodent will burrow under our shed. Well, I mixed ammonia with washing detergent, vinegar, hot pepper and soap and pour the mixture down to the hole under the shed. This may have to be repeated for a few days to make sure that the groundhogs go away. Always wear gloves before handling the mixture as it may cause an allergic reaction, itchiness or skins rash.

While performing the remedy, make sure that pets and children are not nearby.

Or you can buy a have-a-heart trap which will solve your problem immediately. You can bait it with ammonia.


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