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How I Got Rid Of Slugs On My Patio

Slugs have developed slimy, squishy and vulnerable, making them an instant victim when they get into contact with kids or under our feet. It’s really easy to step on a slug and kill them, but when they gather on the pathway or in front of your doorway, you have to use some effective solutions to get rid of these crawling creatures, because stepping on each slug won’t help you very much.

I found slugs disgusting, but beside that, slugs are extremely destructive garden pests that spend their nights eating leaves, fruits and vegetables, making small holes in your flowers and plants.

There is a saying among expert gardeners: killing a slug is a step toward saving a plant.

It happens not to have too many plants on my patio, but seeing slugs on my pathway and porch is not so pleasant, especially stepping on them.

So, below are some quick methods to get rid of slugs effortlessly!

  • You can create the perfect slug trap by laying pieces of cardboard alongside the pathway or on the bare soil around your plantings. Each morning, turn the boards over and scrape the hiding garden slugs into large plastic containers then dump them into garbage and seal the plastic bag.
  • Place shallow dishes of beer around your patio and in the garden to lure the slugs to a drunken death. Or mix water with molasses, cornmeal, flour, and baking yeast to replace the beer. These are both great slug baits that can help control the slug population.

Some slugs are a bit beer-resistant and might crawl out of the dish. If you find this happening, try creating a beer trap that they can’t escape from:

  • Cut the spout end off a plastic beverage bottle just where it reaches the fattest diameter. Now, turn the pour-spout around so that it’s pointing inside the bottle and fasten it with staples or duct tape. Pour a little beer into the bottle (add extra yeast, if desired) and lay it on its side in the garden.

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