How To Get Rid Of Mice In Your Car

Mice infestations are a common household problem that a homeowner can face. Mice are not only disgusting and disease carrier, but they also cause a lot of damage around and inside the house. They chew wires, furniture, clothes, pretty much everything! But, the mouse problem doesn’t stop here! As a matter of fact, mice also infest cars, damaging your vehicle pretty badly unless you act immediately in getting rid of this pesky rodent.
Mice are easily crawling into the vents, where they end up dying and filling your car with stink. But, they also eat wires, tubes and the circuit under the hood, which can lead to serious accidents. So, as soon as you see a mouse checking your car engine, you should quickly do something and get rid of it.

Why are mice looking for in your vehicle?


Well, mice want food and they look for it everywhere. Also, they need a place to breed, and as any animal they will seek for home, and your car engine looks pretty cozy and warm after you’ve stopped the car.

Signs that mice have invaded your car:

  • Gnawed wires around the engine
  • Shredded gauze in the air vent
  • Chewed insulation and upholstery
  • Chew holes in nonmetal engine components
  • Claw marks and droppings

Get rid of mouse inside the car

Sometimes it just happens like a mouse to jump into the car or simply to crawl inside through the air vents. If you found yourself in this situation, you should probably consider in getting rid of the pest immediately. Look carefully for the above mouse signs.

The best way in getting rid of mice inside the car is to place mouse traps. As much as I would like to get rid of these pests humanely, I can’t, because the best solution is to place mouse traps. So, purchase some simple mouse traps on Amazon, bait them with peanut butter and place it in your vehicle in front of your car’s seats.

Prevention is the key for many problems!

In order to prevent mice from getting inside your car or house, you should better surround your car with mint. Mice hate the scent of mint and is one of the best mouse repellents. So, buffer the car area with a few drops of essential mint oil or keep potted mint near the parking lot. Also, you can deodorize your car with mint. It will keep mice away!

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