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How To Keep Frogs And Toads Away From Your Porch

I don’t know much about frogs except the fact that I hate them, especially when they hang out on my porch. Some may say they are interesting critters because they race for sports or just because they are a delicacy in some parts of the world. Others will just say that they love listening to their croaking at night. Nevertheless, frogs are disgusting and these critters spread diseases, especially toads which are still frogs in my opinion.

Toads, frogs may be great creatures and they have their purpose on this world, but not in my backyard or my porch. This summer I faced with a frog invasion, but I’m pretty sure that I saw some toads among them. You might think that I got used with their loud croaking, but on the contrary – I just couldn’t bear it anymore so, I tried a lot of tricks to get rid of them.

Most people say that vinegar is one of the best remedy to get rid of frogs and toads, but it wasn’t so effective for my croaking colony. Vinegar will dry in a few hours and it will remain only the pungent smell and staying up all night to spray directly onto the frogs or toads isn’t something I would want to do.
However, salt turns out in being the best frog and toad enemy because it will damage their skin and legs.

You Need:

  • coarse salt

How To Use:

Well, is not very hard to keep frogs and toads away from your porch. Just sprinkle coarse salt around your porch when the night comes. Salt will create a burning sensation over the frog skin, keeping them away for good.

Keep in mind: ground coffee is as effective as salt so you can use it as well.

I’ve also heard about shooting the frogs, but I really think this is not the best solution for you or the frogs or the environment.

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