How To Stop Woodpeckers From Destroying Your House

Woodpeckers are cute birds as long as they don’t damage your property. Birdwatchers are enchanted to watch for woodpeckers in their natural habitat, but when these pecking birds are drilling holes in your wooden house or roof is troublesome. Since they are protected by the federal law you can’t kill them as a pest control method, but there are several ways to send these pecking birds out of your property.

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Of course, the easiest way to get rid of woodpeckers from your property is to call for professional service; however, this can be very expensive. Or you can use the below methods to stop woodpeckers from pecking your house.


Shiny object to scare them away

A mirror (or aluminum foil if you’re in a pinch) near the spot where a woodpecker has made its home will show the bird its reflection when it returns, startling it and potentially scaring it away from the area.

Place windmills or pinwheel

The noise or motion these objects make in the wind may fool your woodpecker into thinking a predator is near and deter them from coming any closer.

Place fake predators

Because owls prey on woodpeckers, artificial decoy owls often serve as effective deterrents. You can purchase homemade decoys on Amazon, at home improvement centers, and many local garden stores. Opt for ones with reflective eyes, which look more realistic.

Noise to spook them

This last simple deterrent (no purchase necessary!) only requires you to clap your hands, whoop, or make another loud noise to frighten the bird off if you’re outdoors and you see one.

Cover the house with net

In my experience, the only truly 100 % effective way to keep woodpeckers off your house is to install netting on the home. I use large L-shaped brackets and install them the side of the house where the woodpeckers are pecking. I then attach a large lightweight black plastic polynet to the L-brackets, and this creates a net that is extruded from the side of your house, which prevents the birds from being able to land and perch on the side of the house.


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