Humane Methods To Keep Raccoons Out Of Your Property

Oh, raccoons! These fury animals may not represent a problem in the wild, but when they decide to hang out at your place the situation changes. Besides that raccoon can be very aggressive when they feel threatened, these mammals can carry diseases which are very harmful for pets and humans such as rabies and a type of roundworm (can be found in their droppings).

Raccoons are protected by the federal law in some states which makes it difficult to hunt or trap them when they invade your property. In most cases you should call for professional help. However, there are several humane methods you can use to send raccoons out of your property.

As we all know, prevention is the key for many problems, and you can secure your property to keep raccoons away!


  • Use metal garbage bins and tight the lid well. This way, raccoons won’t be able to remove it. As we know, raccoons are very clever mammals.
  • Remove trash from home and garden. By clearing any food source out of your property, raccoons will be kept away. As well you have to clear any water source because these fury creatures are also thirsty.
  • Seal and clear all entry points. Cover any small hole with newspapers or install and electric fence.

However, if prevention fails, you can always try the below humane methods in deterring raccoons out from your property.

Use Ammonia

Soak pieces of cloth or rags into ammonia and place them around your house and bins. Or you can place small bowls of ammonia near the entry points and, of course, near house and bins.

Pungent Vinegar Smell

A commonly suggested vinegar is the cider vinegar. This are used similarly to ammonia and also used on food ‘traps’. Raccoons will be turned off by the taste of vinegar and may never make a return trip ever again.

Moth Balls

Moth balls are highly toxic to small mammals and raccoons hate their smell, so you can use them with confidence. place moth balls around your house and bin. Keep in mind that moth balls are dangerous for kids and pets, but you can use moth crystals instead.

Epsom Salts

Epsom salt not only serve as an excellent deterrence, they also make excellent fertilizers for your plants and garden. Scatter Epsom Salt around your bins and in your garden.


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