Humane Tricks To Send Those Creepy Crows Away From Your Yard

Every time I see crows I remember of Alfred Hitchcock movie “The Birds”! Crows are creepy flying creatures and even if they don’t harm people, they create a lot of damage once they establish a presence in your yard.
These black winged creatures are protected by the federal law and can be hunted only in certain area at certain times of the year. Yes, this is quite a law! That’s why a bit difficult to get rid of crows in your garden, because you have to use humane solutions.

Let’s learn something about crows before trying to send them away from the garden!


  • Crows are far from having a bird brain. They are actually extremely intelligent birds.
  • Their intelligence brought crows close to human habitations since they realized human can provide food.
  • Crows are very social the reason why they live in colonies. So, if you spotted a crow in your yard, there are probably more.
  • Crows have load, hoarse voices which make them unbearable.

How to get rid of crows in your yard using humane solutions


  • Fruit crops can be protected with flexible bird netting. You can find some at a local garden center. Four-inch mesh is recommended as it will keep the big crows out, but still allow smaller birds to slip through.
  • Secure the base of shrubs and trees with net to keep crows away from the tree bottom. You can also use net to for crops.
  • Visual scare tips such as: hung shiny pie tins or CD’s in trees, place scarecrows in the garden and flags may work too. Anything that will make noise or shine will send crows away.
  • Protect seedlings with covers. Corn can be protected by placing a cup or bag over each ear after the silk has turned brown.
  • Fishing line or cord can be placed in grid like patterns high above the garden to prevent crows from swooping in from above.
  • Crows are smart and will eventually learn that even scarecrows are no threat. Try changing the position of these items often enough to confuse the crows and keep them away.
  • Use fake animals to repel crows. You can purchase them from any Halloween store and hang them around your yard. Rubber snakes and plastic horned owls have also been known to work.


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