How To Get That Stubborn Christmas Cactus To Bloom

If your Christmas cactus is stubborn and won’t bloom by its own, just don’t get mad or throw it away, because I may know some secrets in order to promote blooming for Christmas cactus. Yes, it may take a little effort, but when it’s all covered in flowers, it’s so worth it, trust me!

I am cactus lover, and Christmas cactus is one of my favorite from this specie, which is why I’m growing this Christmas star since I was little – with my grandma’s help, of course.

So, in addition to proper year-round care, you need to know a few tricks to get your stubborn Christmas cactus bloom this Christmas :

The “trick” in getting Christmas cactus to bloom in the following years comes down to two things: light and temperature.


1. Reduce Watering

Beginning in October, water your Christmas cactus less frequently – once every four to six weeks is all it needs during its dormant time. When you see buds begin to form, go back to your regular watering schedule.

2. Provide Enough Light and Darkness

During the fall and early winter, Christmas cacti need twelve hours of dark and twelve hours of indirect sunlight each day.

3. Keep It In A Cool Place

Christmas Cactus needs 50-60 degrees F, away from heat vents, radiators and fireplaces.

Things you have to know about Christmas Cactus:


  • Never let them go completely dry, and if you do, the leaves tend to shrivel and turn reddish.
  • If yours doesn’t flower the 1st year, 1 of the reasons could be that it’s simply be acclimating to the dry air in your home.
  • Remember, this is a tropical cactus not a desert cactus.
  • You can place this cactus on the window sill in a cool room and not turning on the lights.


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