How To Grow A Pine Tree From Seed In Pots

I love challenges, especially when it comes to houseplants! One of the most challenging things is to grow houseplants from seeds, and even more challenging is to grow pine trees from seed.

So, if you are a plant lover as I am and love challenges in particular, you can try my method for planting pine trees from seeds. It’s an entertaining thing to do and incredibly satisfying when you see the plant growing in height!

So, breathe in deeply and follow the next steps for planting a pine tree from seeds.


  • Collect seeds by holding pine cones upside down and shake them gently.
  • Put the seeds in water. Keep the ones that float and discard the ones that sink.
  • Dry the seeds and put them in an airtight container until the planting season (December or early January).
  • Fill a small pot with soil and water the soil.
  • Place a seed just beneath the soil’s surface. The seed should be vertical with the pointy part facing down.
  • Place the pot near a sunny window and water it periodically.
  • Watch for pine needles to emerge, but don’t except to see any change until March or April. Once the pine needles emerge, they’ll lean toward the sun. Turn the pot regularly to keep them growing straight.
  • Transplant your seedling to a 1-gallon pot when it’s 6 inches to 1 foot in height, and move the pot outdoors.
  • Plant the seedling in a permanent spot in the ground when it outgrows its pot.

How To Improve The Chance For Germination:


Mix them with moist peat or sand, place them in a clear plastic bag, and refrigerate them for three to seven weeks.
If the seeds germinate in the refrigerator, sow them immediately.
Sow the seeds in 3-inch pots, and provide bottom heat of about 60 degrees.
Seedlings can be transplanted outdoors into larger pots in spring, when they’re about 2 inches tall.


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