How To Water And Keep Houseplants Alive During Winter

Every plant lover knows that right before Thanksgiving their houseplants will look a bit droopy and the leaves will turn yellow. What’s more to say?! The plant will look unhappy! This means that you have to prepare your indoor plants for winter and provide them the right condition in order to thrive the cold season.

Caring for your indoor plants in winter is much harder than it is during the warm season. Lack of light, humidity, warmth it will make the road for health a bit bumpy. But, some plant lovers, including me, found out a much easier way for houseplant care during winter.

In order not to kill your houseplants in the cold season, you should learn how to properly water your indoor plants.


Heating the house in winter is necessary for any human being, but I can’t say the same thing about houseplants. Since most houseplants are tropical plants, heat will suck humidity in the air leading to plant wilting. Remember that heat will cause their soil dry faster.

Fortunately, most houseplants require less water during the cold season. Try not to overwater the plants because it will lead to root rot and furthermore to plant’s death.

When To Water – Before watering indoor plants in winter, stick your finger one inch into the soil. If the soil feels moist, don’t water it.

Increase Humidity – Run a humidifier, or put your houseplants in the kitchen or a bathroom if there’s a window nearby. The plants will love the extra humidity, and you won’t have to worry so much about overwatering them.

Gather Plants Together – Grouping plants together will raise the humidity level around them, keeping all of them much happier. You can simply move the pots closer together. Some plant lovers grow similar plants in the same pot.

Use A Pebble Tray – Putting a pebble tray filled with water under the pot will give the plants extra humidity too. But be careful to never allow a houseplant to sit in the water. Make sure you change the pebble tray periodically so the water won’t become stagnant.


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