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Easy-To-Care Indoor Plants That Will Bring Positive Energy Into Your Home

Decorating your home and office with plants is a common behavior since forever. They add a fresh and natural touch to the ambience, making the work or living environment more pleasant.

Apart from being the best home decoration items, many plants have the ability to improve your living space by bringing peace and serenity, good vibes and success, and at the same time will purify the air you breathe. How cool is that? A few plants to take care and love and in return they will give you all these “goodies”? I will definitely change the entire décor in my house.

As a bonus, the following enchanting plants are not so demanding. Feed them with a cup of water and they will offer plenty of good vibes in return.

Peace Lily

It is said to bring prosperity and serenity into the home. By purifying the air and neutralizing harmful indoor gases, it may help to prevent asthma, headaches, and even more serious illness.

Care Tips: they like humidity and sun so, keep the soil moist with filtered water but avoid overwatering. Don’t place them near windows or in air flow areas.

Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboo have been a symbol of good fortune and prosperity in Asia for thousands of years. You’ll have even more luck, and success in romance, if you receive the plant as a gift.

Care Tips: is a low-maintenance plant that must be kept away from direct sunlight. It can easily grow in containers with an inch of water or in moist soil with good drainage.

Aloe Vera

This plant is well-known for its curative effects and its reputation for bringing good luck and optimism in a living place.

Care Tips: this is a hard to kill plant and it will live months with no watering. Actually, its fearful enemy is overwatering so, easy with the irrigation. Keep your aloe in indirect sunlight in a container with excellent drainage.


This plant stimulates energy and self-esteem, being the tower or any relationship. Keep it in the bedroom and it will solve any sleep problems or awkward dreams.

Care Tips: jasmine thrives in well-drained soil in a sun-drenched site. Place the container in a south-facing window and water regularly. Prune your jasmine to keep it compact.


It’s a sacred plant well-known for its magical powers that heal and protect, and it is said that will bring stability into your life, remove toxins, get rid of insomnia and depression.

Care Tips: This Mediterranean herb requires lots of hot, bright light to thrive, so only bring in potted lavender if you have a sunny window. Use quick-draining potting soil and water infrequently.

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