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How To Extend The Life Of Your Evergreen Christmas Tree In A Warm Climate

The centerpiece of Christmas holidays is definitely the evergreen tree, and having a live Christmas tree indoors is actually the main essence of my winter holidays. However, not everyone lives in a warm climate where this tree stands tall and green throughout the holidays. My in-laws live in San Diego and I’m a genuine New Yorker girl who is going to spend her winter holidays at the beach. This is my first hot Christmas that is gonna to rock my life! I’m a bit derailed regarding this experience because I’m used with a white Christmas. So, in order not to miss home, my in-laws decided to decorate a live Christmas tree even if it’s 60-70 degrees F.

Along with the decorations, they have a complete guide to extend the life of the evergreen tree during these amazing holidays.

How to help an evergreen Christmas tree to thrive in a warm climate

Well, the main thing is to choose a tree that can thrive in a warm climate such as:

  • Scotch Pine
  • Virginia Pine
  • White Pine

Try to buy a tree very early

Keep in mind that a lot of people will have the same idea as you, so buy a fresh and green Christmas tree. It’s best that you buy your tree around August or September, or the very least, early October. If early, you can choose from among the best in the lot. When late, you get to choose from not-so-pleasant-looking trees.

Run your fingers through the tree needles

When you go to a local tree farm or find a Christmas tree sale, make sure to run your fingers through the needles of the trees you are considering. This will allow you to figure out whether or not the tree is too dry to put in your home.
If the tree is too dry, it won’t survive a very long time as a decoration. You want to find a tree with vibrant, green needles, as it will last months that way.

Cut and water your tree

Once you have chosen the perfect Christmas tree and brought it home, you are going to want to give it a straight cut about 1-2 inches into the trunk . Cutting off that bottom part and then placing it in a bucket of warm water will keep it fresh and more lively looking.
We recommend doing this as soon as you possibly can, because it can affect the tree’s health if not done in a timely manner. This is because the cut part of the trunk is directly exposed to air, which can have negative effects on the tree over time.

Place the Christmas tree in an internal house spot away from traffic and heat sources.

The more bumps it gets from humans or pets the more needles will fall and die. Also, heat makes the tree dry out. Needles will become brittle and fall off.

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