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How To Prune A Christmas Tree Properly

The centerpiece of Christmas holidays is definitely a real tree! Since a real Christmas tree comes in different shapes and sizes – because they don’t magically aspire to a perfectly peaked shape – every Christmas tree owner choose to trim the tree for the holiday season. Actually, in most movies, trimming the tree is a treasured family pastime where everyone gathers around it with cocoa mugs singing Christmas carols and dad helping the little one placing the star on top. Real life is different! You end up purchasing a Christmas tree looking exactly like a bush.

In order to achieve the perfect Christmas tree shape, you have to buckle up with some patience and follow the next steps. Actually, singing some Christmas carols may work while you’re trimming the tree in that perfect Christmas tree shape.

First thing, first:

You need:

  • gardening sheers or scissors

Fluff And Trim The Tree:

This may sound silly, but it is crucial step in making the tree look full and lively. To do this, go around your entire tree separating and fluffing the branches that may have gotten flattened during transport. Use gardening sheers or scissors to trim any branches that are too long or out of place.
Look for any brown needles and remove them if you can. Cut off any very gnarled branches. And if you find a branch that has a lot of sap on it, you may want to cut just a little off to avoid dripping.

Most people do this process indoors, but it’s advisable to trim the branches outdoors to avoid pins and needles all over your carpet or floor.

The second thing is to choose a place where to put your Christmas tree:

  • Decide on the best place to put your tree because it’ll be extremely hard to move once it’s decorated. Also, put it in a place that is away from any heat sources, fireplaces or anything else that could be a potential fire hazard.
  • Attach the base of the tree to a tree stand that will support the height and weight of your tree. Make sure that your tree is attached securely before continuing. If you have a particularly tall tree, secure the top to the wall behind it with some strong wire and screw-in hook.

The third thing is to decorate the Christmas tree:

  • String the Christmas lights around the tree. Before doing so, test them to make sure that they are all working. When decorating a Christmas tree with lights, it is easiest to start are the top and work your way down. Push the lights in so they are nestled deep on the branches. This will give you that wonderful glowing effect.
  • Decorate your tree with ornaments, garlands, and any other decorations that may add to the look of your tree. Don’t forget to place a star or angel at the very top! Place the heavier, larger ornaments at the bottom of the tree and the small, lighter ornaments closer to the top. The branches near the bottom of the tree tend to be stronger and can support more weight.

The last step is to clean up the place:

  • There’s a good chance that some tree needles and branches to fall on the floor. In order to clean up the space, use a vacuum or broom to clean up any pine needles, branches, or dirt around the tree that may have fallen.
  • Then, place the tree skirt around the base of the tree and then place wrapped presents for the perfect photo-op background.

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