How To Water The Christmas Tree And Keep It Fresh Longer

Having a live Christmas tree is the real deal during the holidays. However, the last thing you need is dried pine needles all over the floor. In order to prevent this from happening you have to keep your Christmas tree fresh longer.

Well, some will say this is impossible, because the indoor heat will speed up its drying process and it won’t last until New Year’s Eve. But, there are a lot of tips to keep your Christmas tree fresh longer throughout the entire holiday season.

The main rule for a fresh Christmas tree is watering in order to keep it hydrated and fresh.

How to water a Christmas tree


Place the tree in a bucket of warm water. You don’t have to do anything else but keep the cut end of the trunk submerged and check the water level.

As a tip, you have to keep the tree in a cool area away from any heat source or a radiator.

What to do if the water level from the bucket won’t drop?

Most Christmas trees have problems taking up water because we tend to add products to the tree or water. Avoid doing that! Products like bleach, vodka, aspirin, sugar, copper coins and so on, have no effect and some can actually slow water retention.

The main reason for a Christmas tree not taking up water is the accumulation of the sap at the bottom of tree.

Cutting a thin sliver from the bottom of the trunk is key to keeping a tree fresh. Keep in mind that if the tree is freshly cut, you don’t need to cut the trunk. However, if the tree has been cut for longer than 12 hours before you put it in water, you must trim ¼ to ½ inch from the bottom of the trunk.

This is because the bottom of the trunk seals itself with sap after a few hours and can’t absorb water. Cut straight across and not at an angle; an angular cut makes it harder for the tree to take up water. It is also difficult to get a tree with an angular cut to stand upright. Also, don’t drill a hole in the trunk. It doesn’t help. Next, a large stand is critical; a Christmas tree can drink up to one quart of water for each inch of stem diameter.

Tips to keep your Christmas tree fresh longer: The most important thing is to purchase a fresh Christmas tree, because you can’t hydrate a dried up tree. Even if you cut the bottom of the tree, it’s basically impossible to make it fresh again. Purchase the tree from a shaded area. However, if you are not sure of its freshness, pull a branch through your fingers. If a large number of loose or brittle needles fall, you should check for another one.


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