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5 Ways To Make Your Plants Happy During The Cold Season

The cold season comes with a number of challenging environment conditions for plants. If you want your beautiful green friends to be happy until spring, it’s crucial to control the amount of light, water and fertilizer that your will plants receive daily. Plant care in the cold season may seem …

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How To Care For Those Splendid Orchids In Winter

In winter, one of the most beautiful indoor flowers is the orchid. This flower develops well in the cold season, when the days are shorter and the temperatures are low. Species of orchids such as Phalaenopsis and Cymbidium bloom around Christmas. There are several types of orchids that you can …

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How To Water Christmas Cactus For A Spectacular Winter Blooming

One of the best Christmas plants you can have is known as Schlumberger or the simple way, Christmas cactus. It’s a loved Brazilian plant due to its attractive flowers, with various colors from white, pink and red to purple, violet, yellow, orange and gold. Christmas cactus blossoms during winter, so …

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How To Save Frostbitten Plants

The winter cold can affect both garden and apartment plants. If your plants have frozen in winter, it’s time to take action to save them. Here’s what you have to do! Plants are sensitive to cold, and most of them can be seriously affected by frost. But, there is still …

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General Rules To Water Orchids Correctly

Many people believe that orchids should be watered a few times a week, since they come from tropical forests. Unfortunately, such treatment will kill very soon the plant’s roots. The general watering rule Orchids grown in pots are watered once every 5 to 12 days, depending on the type of …

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How To Water And Care For Yucca Plant In The Cold Season

Yucca is an ideal apartment plant with a beautiful and fresh and aspect. This plant is the best decoration item you can have in your apartment. Even if it’s a plant that prefers warm climates, it also lasts very well in the cold season if it’s properly cared for. It …

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