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Tillandsia Care: How To Water Air Plants Correctly

Using gardening as a therapy may heal a lot of illnesses, especially the 21st century struggle: stress and depression. I have an impressive story about me and gardening, but it’s not the time to relate it. On the other hand, it’s time to show you some of my gardening secrets …

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Succulent Passion: How To Repot Mother-In-Law’s Tongue

My passion for plants taught me a lot of things, and the most important is that plants need special care even if they are included in the die hard houseplants categories. Beside this I can proudly say that I have an impressive indoor and outdoor green corner. One of my …

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Air Plants Tips: How To Rescue Dying Tillandsia

Hello there, my beloved indoor gardeners! I saw that many persons, lately, face with dying houseplants and this is tearing me into pieces. I know the struggle in doing absolutely everything that’s necessary for your plants to grow harmoniously and suddenly to see how your favorite plant fades away. Why? …

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4 Exquisite Methods To Water Phalaenopsis Orchids Correctly

Orchids shouldn’t be watered just like the other plants! It’s well known that in their natural environment these flowers grow on the bark of the trees, and not on the ground. That’s why the substrate in which orchids grow is made of bark, which accumulates water in small proportions and …

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Plain And Simple! How To Grow Ginger Indoors

Since its appearance, ginger it’s well-known for its beneficial properties. It’s the best natural medicine, and the great part is that it can be grown in pots. It enriches the body with vitamins, eliminates excess water, energizes, regulate blood pressure and a lot more other curative properties are found in …

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