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How To Grow Norfolk Island Pine Plants In Containers

Norfolk Island Pines are often sold as mini-Christmas trees throughout the Christian world. These miniature Christmas trees are often decorated with ribbons or tiny ornaments and sold in the nursery trade. But, have you ever thought in growing your own pine tree instead of spending money on it? Planting a …

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How To Water Norfolk Pine Trees In Pots

Norfolk Pines are big and beautiful trees native to the Pacific Islands which makes them the most-wanted evergreen houseplants. Christians often choose growing such plant to decorate it during the winter holidays instead of a living Christmas tree. In order to prevent this evergreen potted plant from dying, you have …

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How To Grow A Pine Tree From Seed In Pots

I love challenges, especially when it comes to houseplants! One of the most challenging things is to grow houseplants from seeds, and even more challenging is to grow pine trees from seed. So, if you are a plant lover as I am and love challenges in particular, you can try …

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How To Water And Keep Houseplants Alive During Winter

Every plant lover knows that right before Thanksgiving their houseplants will look a bit droopy and the leaves will turn yellow. What’s more to say?! The plant will look unhappy! This means that you have to prepare your indoor plants for winter and provide them the right condition in order …

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How To Get That Stubborn Christmas Cactus To Bloom

If your Christmas cactus is stubborn and won’t bloom by its own, just don’t get mad or throw it away, because I may know some secrets in order to promote blooming for Christmas cactus. Yes, it may take a little effort, but when it’s all covered in flowers, it’s so …

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Homemade Succulent and Cactus Potting Mix Recipe

The health of any houseplant starts with the soil is planted in. It doesn’t matter if the plant is beautiful and healthy when you purchase it, it won’t last for too long if the soil is poor in nutrients or simply, is not suitable for its specie. Planting any crop …

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