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4 Best Indoor Trees Ideal For Any Apartment

To make this transformation of a small garden in an apartment, it is not very difficult to think about the variety of indoor trees for your own apartment. Sparmannia africana – Kamerlinde The African Sparmannia has been given the nickname of the large heart-shaped leaves, very similar to the lime. …

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3 Unique & Creative Ways For A Flower Garden Design

I’ve heard many people saying that the dearest place in their own yard is the flower garden. I perfectly understand the feeling. Nothing compares to a clear afternoon in your yard, among the flowers you care so carefully with your friends and family. Not to mention the sight that enjoys …

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The key to a successful vegetable garden

An elder’s say is that you can’t plant the same plant in the same place 2 years in a row. Unfortunately, like many other rules that our grandparents were applying in the garden are forgotten. One of the most important rules is crop rotation. The consequences: poor crops due to …

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Why you should have bird houses in your garden

Why building/buying bird houses in your garden? One reason is the joy of doing a good deed for those little noisy feathered souls. And the other reason is that birds are insectivore and it will balance the populations of insects in the garden. Some birds even have a key role …

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