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Beginner’s Guide To Grow Eggplants Indoors

I come from a traditional Greek family and we try our best not to bury our traditions under the black coat of nowadays society. And one of the main traditions is to eat and stay healthy, that’s why Mediterranean food is still present in our homes and dishes. But staying …

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Orchid Mania: Must-Know Things Before Growing Orchids

Orchids add beautiful splashes of vivid color to their surroundings and so many people opt to have these rainforest beauties in their homes. But before bringing the joy into your home, you should know that these delicate plants have special needs. In order to maintain the beauty of orchids and …

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How To Save An Over-Fertilized Houseplant

Everyone knows that fertilizer encourages healthy growth and flowering of plants. However, too much fertilizer will definitely lead to problems. Since there is no general rule for fertilizing houseplants, because they have different needs, it’s good to be familiar with some basic rules about houseplant fertilizer. all houseplants require fertilizer …

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How To Prune A Christmas Tree Properly

The centerpiece of Christmas holidays is definitely a real tree! Since a real Christmas tree comes in different shapes and sizes – because they don’t magically aspire to a perfectly peaked shape – every Christmas tree owner choose to trim the tree for the holiday season. Actually, in most movies, …

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How To Water The Christmas Tree And Keep It Fresh Longer

Having a live Christmas tree is the real deal during the holidays. However, the last thing you need is dried pine needles all over the floor. In order to prevent this from happening you have to keep your Christmas tree fresh longer. Well, some will say this is impossible, because …

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How To Keep A Potted Christmas Tree Alive

Is not very hard to care for a live Christmas tree, but it requires some special steps in order not to whiter and die. So, to avoid a messy and full of pine needles after-Christmas, I choose a live potted Christmas tree to decorate this year. They are smaller and …

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