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How To Water And Keep Houseplants Alive During Winter

Every plant lover knows that right before Thanksgiving their houseplants will look a bit droopy and the leaves will turn yellow. What’s more to say?! The plant will look unhappy! This means that you have to prepare your indoor plants for winter and provide them the right condition in order …

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5 Ways To Make Your Plants Happy During The Cold Season

The cold season comes with a number of challenging environment conditions for plants. If you want your beautiful green friends to be happy until spring, it’s crucial to control the amount of light, water and fertilizer that your will plants receive daily. Plant care in the cold season may seem …

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5 Basic Rules To Care For Houseplants During The Cold Season

Houseplants need your constant attention to survive the cold season. A simple warmy won’t completely solve the needs of indoor plants. Here are some simple rules you should apply to help your plants to pass safe through cold season. 1. Don’t overwater them! The winter watering of plants is done …

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