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Most Common Winter Problems For Indoor Plants

Indoor plants need a lot of care and attention during winter to survive in good conditions. But you must know of the problems that may occur overwinter to any houseplant, and try to avoid them. Whether indoor plants stay inside throughout the year or you bring them inside in the …

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How To Rescue Overwatered Indoor Plants?

You watered a potted plant too much? You may have to save it from drowning, otherwise its roots can rot and eventually the plant will die. The first signs that tell you overwatered indoor plants: – fungi will appear to the surface soil (some white spots, like a fluff) – …

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How To Save Houseplants From Overwatering?

If you watered your plants too much, this means you have to save them from “drowning”, otherwise the plant will rot and die. The first signs that tell you’ve watered the plants too much: – on the soil surface will appear fungi (some white spots, like a fluff) – the …

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