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Natural Guide To Control Aphids On Houseplants

A house without houseplants is really sad! Houseplants bring joy to our homes through their decorative assets, however, they are prone to pest attacks. No healthy plant goes unpunished by pests or insects. And one of the most known and fearful pest attacks on houseplants and roses are aphids. These …

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Garlic Solution To Get Rid Of Aphids On Roses In 5 Days

Aphids, also known as plant lice, are some of the most common rose pests, but also other plants. This insect, also known as Alphididae is very small. Aphids have many colors, yellow, brown, red, black or green, and appear only in warm seasons, such as spring and summer. So, you …

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Hot Pepper Tea To Get Rid Of Aphids (Plant Lice)

Plant lice are a so annoying! Because it spoils the flowers and can kill the plants for which we’ve worked so hard to have. But this situation is coming to an end, because I found the saving solution to get rid of aphids. Plant lice or aphids are common pests …

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