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Houseplants Care: Homemade Fertilizer For Peace Lilies

I just think that anybody should have a Peace Lily as a houseplant. Yes, Peace Lily is dangerous for pets, because it’s toxic if eaten in large quantities. However, Peace Lily is one of the best air purifying potted plants that will cleanse the indoor air of pollutants. Peace lilies …

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A.S.A.P. Moth Repellent To Get Rid Of These Fluttering Pests

I know that moths don’t bite, sting, buzz, but their simply presence in the house gives you the creeps, especially if you see their wriggling larvae into your cereals or your favorite cashmere blouse chewed by moths. This requires an A.S.A.P. moth repellent to get rid of these fluttering pests …

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Homemade Yeast Fertilizer To Power Up Your Garden

It doesn’t matter where we live, in an apartment or at house we have our green corner with flowers, plants or small ornamental shrubs. They haven’t got only have an aesthetic role in your home, and they also cleanse the air and have a therapeutic effect on your mood. However, …

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