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Mundane Natural Mix To Bring Back To Life Wilted Plants

Plants that have begun to wither and lose vitality can be easily brought to life with a treatment made of three natural ingredients that anyone can prepare at home. You need: – 1 banana peel – ground coffee – the eggshell from 1 egg Wash the egg shell well on …

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How To Save Houseplants From Overwatering?

If you watered your plants too much, this means you have to save them from “drowning”, otherwise the plant will rot and die. The first signs that tell you’ve watered the plants too much: – on the soil surface will appear fungi (some white spots, like a fluff) – the …

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How To Control & Prevent Over Fertilization In Houseplants

When the plants are growing, they need fertilizer for maintaining their optimal health. Even if there are no general rules for fertilizing, there are some guidelines you need to know. There are different plants with different needs. Thus, it’s a good thing to control and prevent over-fertilization, which is detrimental …

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How to collect and use rainwater at home?

Rainwater is beneficial to any garden and also for houseplants. Seize every rainy day and collect the water for your plants. Collect rainwater Rainwater is considered to be one of the cleanest types of water, because it doesn’t contain limestone and other type of mineral salts. On rainy days it’s …

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