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The Most Beautiful Plants Perfect For Any Kitchen

Decorative plants are the most beautiful accessories for a home, each room having its plants. A list of suitable plants for the kitchen is useful, especially as the kitchens do not offer the ideal conditions for home-grown plants. All these plants suitable for the kitchen need a sunny place, they …

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9 Hard To Kill Indoor Plants That Purify The Air

What do you think is more polluted, the outside or the inside air? Guaranteed, the air in the house, in the apartment or in the office is far worse than the outside air. Indoor air pollution has been ranked by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as the top …

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7 Air Purifying Plants Ideal For Your Office

Natural indoor plants in office space are an important component of social responsibility. Corporate jobs are becoming safer, greener and more responsive to the needs of employees. A healthy corporate environment certainly implies the presence of decorative natural plants in workspaces. Check out this article and find out the 7 …

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How To Get Your Orchid To Re-Bloom

Orchids are the revelation of the last years in the field of indoor plants. In the minds of most of us, the orchid is imagined as a fragile, short-lived plant. That’s what I bought the first orchid and I saw the flowers last for months! But after the blossoming ends, …

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