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How To Water And Fertilize A Potted Dracaena

Dracaena is mainly from Africa and tropical Asia. Characterized by long life and relatively slow growth (about 10 cm per year), the plant is known for its beautiful, often pristine leaves. Being part of the Agavaceae family, dracaena has lance shaped and arched leaves that grow in the form of …

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5 Basic Rules To Care For Houseplants During The Cold Season

Houseplants need your constant attention to survive the cold season. A simple warmy won’t completely solve the needs of indoor plants. Here are some simple rules you should apply to help your plants to pass safe through cold season. 1. Don’t overwater them! The winter watering of plants is done …

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How To Rescue Overwatered Indoor Plants?

You watered a potted plant too much? You may have to save it from drowning, otherwise its roots can rot and eventually the plant will die. The first signs that tell you overwatered indoor plants: – fungi will appear to the surface soil (some white spots, like a fluff) – …

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Hard-To-Kill Indoor Plants Anyone Can Grow

No plant is impossible to kill, but there are a few plants that are more resistant, being perfect for those who don’t have the time to care for them but still want their little green corner. Here are the hard-to-kill plants that anyone can grow in the house. Violets No …

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Winter Is Here! Important Tips For Moving Plants Indoors

The latest weather forecasts talk about a dramatic cool period in the next period, so temperatures will get very low in thermometers. That’s why it’s time to make some indoors space for our plants. If during summer your flowers enjoyed the sun rays and airy baths on the balcony, now …

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The Most Beautiful Plants Perfect For Any Kitchen

Decorative plants are the most beautiful accessories for a home, each room having its plants. A list of suitable plants for the kitchen is useful, especially as the kitchens do not offer the ideal conditions for home-grown plants. All these plants suitable for the kitchen need a sunny place, they …

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