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How To Protect Your Leafy Garden From Snails & Slugs

Snails and slugs are an eyesore. Their mucus-covered bodies and slime trail are not pleasing to the eye. And this is one of the reasons I keep them out of my home, especially in the garden and around the water tank, tap, aquarium, and fish pond. Apart from being a …

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How to Get Rid of Squash Vine Borers

After a hard work planting pumpkins, imagine my frustration seeing them die. The entire squash vine was in ruins. Not to mention, when I checked the main stem, I find the worst little and annoying pests. Yes, I am talking about squash vine borers which were basically living on the …

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How To Protect Your Plants From Rust Disease

As we all know, rust isn’t something to overlook. We can see it on cars and other metal objects. And of course, this rust just won’t stay in a small area, it will definitely spread, leading to a serious problem. Well, gardeners also face the rust issue but on plants …

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How To Get Rid Of Orchid’s Plantlets (Keiki) Naturally

The lovely blossoms of moth orchids, float above the leathery green leaves. When they start blooming, they look spectacular. Not to mentions, the orchid only requires bright, filtered light, 70 percent humidity, day temperatures of 75 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit and night temperatures of 60 to 65 degrees. However, sometimes, …

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The Best Organic Fertilizers To Use In A Vegetable Garden

Vegetables produce much if they are grown in the rich land; that is why in the garden we need to apply fertilizers. We will list the main organic fertilizers that can be used in the vegetable garden. The rotted manure Normally, this fertilizer is applied in the autumn, with the …

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