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What Does It Mean When Orchid’s Leaves Turn Yellow?

Orchids bring a lot of joy and vivid color to every environment and many people enjoy having these beautiful tropical flowers in their homes. Since there are more than 25,000 orchid species you can grow in pots, the best orchid to begin with is Phalaenopsis, also known as moth orchid. …

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How To Get Your Orchid To Re-Bloom

Orchids are the revelation of the last years in the field of indoor plants. In the minds of most of us, the orchid is imagined as a fragile, short-lived plant. That’s what I bought the first orchid and I saw the flowers last for months! But after the blossoming ends, …

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How to rid your Orchids of Mealy Bugs (Woolly Aphids)

You need to know that mealy (aka bugs woolly) aphids attack many types of plants, not just the orchids. The fact is that this insect is a parasite that feeds on the plant sap. If you have a plant infested with mealy bugs, you must act rapidly because it can …

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