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Beneficial insects for your garden

Aphids, caterpillars, lice and other pests are happily waiting to attack your vegetables and flowers. You armed yourself with insecticides, but over time they lost their effectiveness or they start contaminating your plants. What do you have to do? A new control method Biological control started to be put into …

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How to protect the soil against drought and weeds

Mulch is an organic layer, such as straw, leaves, vegetable scraps or sawdust, which is applied over the soil surface to retain moisture by reducing evaporation, to prevent weed growth, but also to ensure, through decomposition, nutrients for the plants. You can use lots of materials Mulching the soil is …

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Why you should have bird houses in your garden

Why building/buying bird houses in your garden? One reason is the joy of doing a good deed for those little noisy feathered souls. And the other reason is that birds are insectivore and it will balance the populations of insects in the garden. Some birds even have a key role …

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8 plants that repeal flies and mosquitoes

Forget about chemicals and use these plants to keep away flies and mosquitoes. Flies and mosquitoes aren’t so pleasant because these insects are troublesome. The best solution is to get rid of them with natural, non-aggressive and very effective. Here are the best plants to keep away flies and mosquitoes: …

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Amazing gardening tips from experienced gardeners

An extra tip or a trick is always welcome and always needed especially when it comes from experienced gardeners. Most of these tricks are the result of experience, improved details, confirmed by the results. All these brilliant tricks from experienced gardeners are amazing and extremely helpful. Wool leftover, lint and …

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How to get rid of ants without chemicals

It is said that ants are hardworking insects but founding them in your house isn’t really praiseworthy. And maybe you are wondering how to get rid of them without insecticide. Here are a few tips: Clean the house and avoid leaving food scraps. Keep your pet food in a second …

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