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4 gardening mistakes you shouldn’t do anymore

Are you passionate about gardening and you’re doing everything you can to make your plants grow beautiful and harmonious, however things don’t go the way you expected? Here are the most common mistakes all gardeners make! Planting randomly Planting is one of the most important gardening processes. Before planting you …

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Mandatory gardening activities in July

Each month has its specific plan when it comes to gardening, so here are the main activities of mandatory gardening in July. In what concerns gardening, July is not a very busy month because flowers slow down their growth and you start collecting fruits and vegetables. There are several gardening …

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Diy solutions aganist garden pests

Summer is here and your garden is attacked by all kinds of insects that can harm plants or animals. Here are some ideas to get rid of them. Even if your first impulse is to resort to chemical solutions for a quickly result, there are some organic methods that work …

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